Matt Wilkinson

The Matt & Mac show visited IGNI.

Matt’s very poorly-concealed obsession is with growing, sourcing and presenting the best tasting produce he can – he’s kinda coocoo about it actually. Matt appreciates the importance of farmers and food producers to making his gastronomic plans a reality. 

Mac is committed to his beloved Yarra Valley but also creates delicious Rieslings from both the Strathbogie Ranges and Tasmania along with his exciting EB (experimental batch) range.

An incredible Sunday lunch was had by all.

Thanks guys for your passion, generosity and good humor.

Mac Forbes

The following was enjoyed on the day!


2008 Miss Moss Sparkling Blanc de Blancs

Pretzel bread & butter

Magical roman bacon, cured duck

Hot & sour pickles

Carrots, ras el hanout

Carrot tops

Fresh cheese, lemon myrtle

Charred brussel sprouts, almond & smoked maple bacon

2016 Wesburn Pet Nat Field Blend

Chamellia Reserve Selection Wild Ancient Black Tea


Slimey mack (Forbes)

Green octopus, green sauce

2009 Woori Yallock Chardonnay


Clamms that should have been cooked by Mac

Roti, mussel butter by Matt

2013 Fremont Argile Cidre du Fort Manel


Fire roasted goat; leg & loin

Cauliflower & Munster

Brown rice salad

Bread & herb salad

2014 Wesburn Pinot Noir

2014 EB17 Love Child Wesburn Cabernets

2010 Hugh Cabernets


Steamed pud, clotted cream, persimmon

2015 RS56 Riesling