James Viles

James joined us in February 2016 from the Southern Highlands to celebrate the release of his first book, BIOTA - Grow. Gather. Cook.

His restaurant in Bowral observes all things in nature.

"Our menus are crafted using what we have at hand; they reflect the region and highlight the relationship between the raw ingredient, the growers and us 'the cooks'", says James.

This was the menu for the day:

2010 Domaine Huet Petillant Brut

Two Meter Tall Salty Sea Stout


Pear and cheese

Kangaroo and acacia jerky

Emu bresoala


Dory roe and wild greens

2015 Ravensworth Riesling


Piglet and fermented grain milk

2014 Jerome Guichard Bouchat


Mussels with egg fried in kelp oil

2014 Barraco Vignammare


Grilled duck parts and prune

2010 Klinec Villa de Mandan

2014 Decombes Regnie


Sheeps milk, blackberries and shiso

Ochota Barrels Botanicals of the Basket Range


Plums cooked over coals

2012 Terres Dorées Jean Paul Brun FRV100 Sparkling Gamay

Pagan Quince Cider