David Moyle

David Moyle joined us from Franklin in Hobart.

It's was such an exciting experience as Dave explores the region cooking from what he finds along the roadside, train tracks and in the ocean.

Giorgio de Maria Fun Wines

The one and only Giorgio de Maria showcased his wines along with David's food. We got to see some real interesting stuff.

Here's what was served:

NV Quaglia Vermouth del Professore

Purslane with potato sauce


Lightly smoked mussels with finger lime


Buckwheat with fermented

cabbage, nettle, lovage butter & saltbush

2014 Le Coste Bianchetto Procanico, Malvasia, Moscato


Grilled southern calamari

with roasted squid sauce & garlic

2014 Cantina Giardino Sophia  Fiano


Pickled shiitake with

cured whiting & duck tongue

2014 Le Coste Rosato  Aleatico


Raw peppered beef hanger

with potatoes cooked in smoked marrow

2008 Bressan Schioppettino


Baked pear with

goat’s milk sorbet, pine & fennel

2013 Cantina Giardino Metodo Olimpia  Greco